Thursday, February 18, 2016

Soooo…am I the only one who has noticed  that our dear Kim Kardashian has been recently recycling one version of the same outfit?  And when I say same outfit, I LITERALLY mean the same DAMN outfit. 1. Ice blond Elsa lacefront (check), 2. Oversized Fur (check) 3. Basic Dad Cap (check) 4. Turtleneck Black Unitard (check). It’s  perplexing  for a girl who has multiple stylists at her beckoned call, and is also said to be well worth over 100 million, but at the same time I find it quite genius. A signature look , created around a unitard. A simple garment that most of us would have no use for beyond an amateur production of Swan Lake. This uniform of sorts is versatile; to be dressed up or down as needed, and if nothing else is an easy staple to build an outfit around.  A blank canvas. The juxtaposition of this causal almost athletic catsuit,  paired with an over the top fur and killer heels – makes a bold statement that is instantly dope. I care, but I don’t. I’m not trying to look cool, but I am. I don’t want you to look at me, but I know you are. How would you wear the below black catsuit???

American Apparel Turtleneck Catsuit $42

Try cutting or scrunching up the leggings on this AA catsuit to give yourself the same cropped look as Kim!


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